Auditorium Pavillion

Setting up an orbit video shot of the Pavillion for the Ocean Grove Campmeeting Association.


The water slide at Keansburg on a crisp fall day in the piercing morning sunlight.


Bell Laboratories Water Tower, Top Down View

Belford Seafood Co-Op

Finally got to fly out to the boat strabnded in the middle of the Belford marshes, I've been wanting to take pictures of this for years. This was a bit of a scary flight mission, as it's the first time I'm flying FPV (First Person View) without being able to see the drone at all, it was only 1,300 feet away and mostly line-of sight, but hidden behind sea walls and landscape features , and I had to guess the altitude in order to not descend too low to frame the shot. Now the other learning here was the fact that the filter pack that came with the drone is pretty useless. The polarizer created a single dark bad through the middle of the shot, and I had to create 2 graduated vertical filters in Lightroom to "fix" this. I'ver ordered the Polar Pro filter pack, and I am hoping these will provide better quality. The lesson for anyone ordering a Phantom 4 through Amazon is that it's better to not order the "packages" that include cheap accessories, and instead order components such as batteries, cases and especially filters only after doing research on forums and through reading the reviews. (I did see some negative comments on the filters, but thought "how bad can it be".


Sunset over the Belford Marsh, to position the camera for the sunset reflecting in the water.