Angels and Demons

Some of the more esoteric pieces on offer at the Sunday Arrezzo Antique market

Light Repetition

Singapore Meeting Room

Head or Tails

Head or Tails

7 World Trade Center Bridge

Moving Cabs in NYC

Light Hooks

Light Abstract


Window Layers

Under The Railing

Under the railing at 2 WTC, taken with a E990 camera, F 3.90, in Manhattan, NY USA

Butterfly Net Abstract

Butterfly Nets in Cape May

Scary Water

In Motion

Frosted Exit

Seastreak Ferry

Blue Negative Space

Cast Iron Grill on Sandy Hook

The Water Jail

Blue Linear Reflection

Harbor Abstract

Oil Drum and Port Hole

Heirloom for Sale

Heirloom for Sale


Venice gondola interior still life

Negative Space

Negative Space

Fake Window



Woman walking underneath a reflective sculpture in midtowm Manhattan

I Hate Clowns

Clown and Carousel, , in Staten Island, NY USA

Face to Face in Absentia

Arezzo Sunday Antique Market

Egg Tac Toe, A Draw

Egg Tac Toe, taken with a EOS-1DSš‚ camera at 1/3 s, F 8.00, in Staten Island, NY USA