Double Sunset at the Great Barrier Reef

Seasonal burning of sugar cane colored the sky pink and lent a surreal light to this sunset taken on a late evening helicopter flight with the dors off... The water was unusually calm, conditions the pilot said he had not encoutered for years, and the glassy still water lent a perfect mirror to the sunset.

Lonely Gum Tree

The long stretches of Port Douglas' 4 mile beach terminate in the delta of Spring Creek. A lonely gum tree is juxtaposed with a cloud enshrouded mountain in the flat early morning light.

Early morning baloon ride in the Tuscan Hills

Touching down in the still air amids the breathing and hissing sounds of a hot air baloon

Across the Moon

Reeds across a full moon, Staten Island, NY USA

Smile, Summer is coming...

Volleyball net waiting for players in early summer near Cape May, NJ

The Last Morring of the Summer

Atlantic Highlands Harbor, NJ

Lonely Laps

Pool in Singapore


Kite Aerial Photo of J&R walking on teh beach


Single leaf floating in a Staten Island Pond in the Greenbelt

The Way Up

Elevator at the Sony Building in Berlin, Germany

Shadow Play

Siena Doves

Recylcing a Bathtub

Point Reyes Bathtub, in Point Reyes, CA USA

Cloudscape Near Rutland Road

Cloudscape Near Rutland Road